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Anonymous asked: why do you care about jules / the strokes so much?


I mean, why do you care about anything you care about? I love their music, first and foremost, stuff from the strokes and julian’s solo album. If I never knew anything about the men behind the music, I would love the music the same as I do today. It’s fun music but it’s important, too. I think they care about the message they put across and the way they do it. In multiple interviews Julian has spoken about leaving something behind and trying to give a message to his fans that will help the world in some way.

I can’t fully explain why I love something when I love it. It just hits me right. When I hear the music, no matter what mood I’m in, whether it’s the strokes, phrazes for the young, or albert’s solo stuff, it just makes me feel good. I connect with it and I identify with it and I just plain enjoy the way it feels when it goes in my ears. It’s not something you can really put into words, you know? You just like something… you just like it!

I think they’re all great guys, but of course I don’t actually know that - I just think it, like I said. I’ll probably never meet them, probably never have a conversation with a single one of them, but I think they’re important people with great talent and a wonderful message, each one of them. They aren’t perfect but they’re certainly rad as all heck and I love them.

They’re also smokin’ hot so… that’s something.

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i’ve been on tumblr for 2 years now why dont i have a group of friends that tag me in things and have inside jokes with i mean cmon 

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